TouchStone Outdoor Enjoyment

For 2017, we are expanding into 2 new categories related to outdoor lighting.  The first is the NuTone Haven mosquito repellent system.  The Haven system is powered by a 12 volt transformer and installs like outdoor lighting.  It is 93% effective for all types of mosquitos!  The second is the Sonace Sonarray outdoor speaker system.  This too installs similar to lighting and is controlled from any smart phone.  With the addition of these 2 new product lines, our customers will be able to “enjoy” the outdoors like never before!

SonArray by Sonance

The Sonarray SR1 System raises the bar on outdoor entertainment. Features eight 3.5” dia. satellite speakers that are evenly distributed in an array across the perimeter of the backyard, along with a “dual” voice coil in-ground subwoofer with a canopy that is hidden under the foliage. The result is incredible sonic performance and even volume throughout the space, eliminating dead zones and hotspots as well as reducing neighbor disturbance…All while remaining out of site.