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Halogen to LED

Convert To LED

By Switching To LED, You Get A More Visually Appealing Light, That Lasts Longer, And Uses Less Energy. We Are Happy To Consult With You About Changing Over Your Current Halogen System To LED.


LEDs have become more versatile as the technology has become more popular, allowing most fixtures to be able to be retrofitted with LED. That being said, some fixtures will require an upgrade to support an LED bulb.

LED bulbs can use up to 80% less energy than traditional Halogen bulbs. This means you save more money over time with reduced energy usage.

Our lamps typically carry a 5 year and 50,000 hour warranty.

  • Low Maintenance
  • A longer life span which means they do not need to be changed as frequently
  • Run cooler so they are not hot to the touch 
  • LED bulbs do not emit UV light, so bugs are not as attracted to the lights
  • Earth- Friendly

Every system and property is unique so the cost of conversion can vary. Please fill out the form above or give our team a call at

(402) 510-2095 to set up a consultation.