Why Use VP Outdoor Lighting?


Fully seven-eighths of the information we receive from our senses comes to us through our sense of sight.  The reflection of light off of objects is essential for us to see.  Whether it is natural light from the sun or moon, or artificial light from lamps, light fixtures, and lighting systems, we are affected intellectually, emotionally, and physically by light.   Although we can’t control the light from the sun and moon, we can control what we see at night by using artificial lighting to selectively illuminate or conceal things.  Lighting is a powerful tool that can be used to shape the way a place looks.  It can show what is important in an environment, guide us to an entrance, and help us avoid hazards.


On the practical side, outdoor lighting helps you see where you are walking at night or helps create an air of hospitality.  It helps you see if there are any abrupt changes in elevation or hazards that could cause you or your visitors injury from an accidental fall.  There are many things to consider when designing a lighting system that helps promote safety for you and your guests.  One of the most important things is light placement.  Lights must be positioned so they do not shine directly into the eyes of the homeowner or their visitors.  The more subtle the lighting, especially when illuminating pathways, the more effective.  A light too bright can cause glare and actually create more of a hindrance than good.  Also, placement of light fixtures along walkways must be placed so that they do not become a potential tripping hazard or a nuisance when mowing or removing snow.


A properly designed lighting system can also be instrumental in providing a sense of security for you and your home.  In fact, the number one reason most homeowners decide to install outdoor lighting is to help protect their home from burglars or other trespassers.  Many poor lighting designs have been installed in the name of “security”.  Most people think that bright outdoor lighting will help make their home safer from thieves, but statistics show that sometimes bright lighting actually causes an increase in theft.  Poorly done night lighting can cause shadows that can make it easier for thieves to hide.

Using lower light levels is considered the most effective way to provide security lighting for your home.  Lights installed for safety and illumination will provide good low-contrast lighting to help protect your home.  Properly installed, low-contrast lighting will help eliminate shadows, plus make it easier for your eyes to adjust to seeing in the dark.


Not only can a properly designed outdoor lighting system help with security and safety for the outside of your home, its most dramatic effect is how it increases the aesthetics of your home.  An outdoor lighting system can completely change the way you view or utilize your home after the sun goes down.  Outdoor lighting can expand your living space by illuminating decks, yards, and garden areas making them usable anytime of day or it can simply add to the beauty of your home making it more appealing to you or your visitors.   A good lighting plan can help you entertain guests outside and prolong recreational activities after dark.  Well placed lights can enhance any landscaping design.  Outdoor lighting can bring out the hidden beauty of shrubs, trees, flower beds or even the construction design of your home.  There are many techniques that the professional landscape lighting contractor can use to enhance all aspects of your home.  Please visit our products page for more information on different styles of lighting techniques.

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