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Lighting Techniques

There Are Many Techniques Used In Outdoor Lighting. Each Technique Varies In How The Light Source Is Positioned And Has Its Own Specific Purpose. An Experienced Outdoor Lighting Contractor Can Achieve Dramatic Results By Combining Different Techniques When Designing And Building A Landscape Lighting Project. If You Have Any Questions Concerning The Different Techniques Listed Below, Please Contact One Of The Professionals At VP Outdoor Lighting. We Would Be Happy To Further Explain Or Even Demonstrate The Different Lighting Applications.



Downlighting is a general term that refers to lighting of an object, area, or surface from above. Its applications can be used for security, safety, moonlighting, ground spotlighting, and many other types of applications. Properly done, downlighting is the lighting technique that can best imitate natural light.



Another general term that refers to lighting an object from below. Shadowing, silhouetting and spotlighting are just some of the techniques that are forms of uplighting.


Path Lighting

Is a method of lighting that is primarily used for illuminating walk areas in gardens and yards. It adds safety, security and visibility at night.


Deck & Step Lighting

One of our most popular lighting schemes is illuminating decks. A properly done deck can greatly enhance or expand the homeowner’s usable living space as well as promote safety. Proper placement of lights and the color of the bulbs help reduce the attraction of insects, which is a major concern of homeowners in the summertime.


Area Lighting

Another general term in lighting techniques. It is used to illuminate areas of your yard for entertainment, recreation, and also security. A properly done area lighting scheme should not glare into your eyes or inadvertently shine into your neighbors either.



Is a popular lighting technique that uses light to bring out the texture of a surface such as a masonry wall, paving, an attractive door, or a fence. Uplighting or downlighting can both be used to achieve the effect.


Tree Lighting

Can be accomplished by using either downlighting or uplighting techniques. It is very popular with homeowners. This technique highlights the natural beauty of appealing trees plus adds the additional benefits of enhancing security and the illumination of flower beds or shrubbery around the base of a tree.
There Are Many Other Forms Of Lighting Techniques. Lighting Can Be Used To Silhouette Objects In Your Yard. It Can Be Used To Light Swimming Pools Or Other Forms Of Water In Your Garden By Using Techniques Such As Accent Or Mirror Lighting. Well-Placed Lights Can Make Patios, Gardens, And Porches More Lively, And Show Guests A Safe And Inviting Path To Your Front Door.