LED Light Towers

Hand-built Steel Light Towers Crafted Just For You.

Our lights run off any 12V low voltage system. Add to your existing nightscape or start fresh. We ship our products nationally and internationally. We can put you in touch with lighting professionals in your area. Support small business. Buy local, american made products.

Ignite Your Environment

How and where used.

  • As a focal point in the landscape – In xeriscapes among plantings and boulders.
  • By your front door – Near a water feature.
  • Sculpture during the day, functional art at night.
  • Set the bar high when you install these around your new patio.
  • Change LED color out seasonally – Halloween, Christmas, any holiday you choose.
  • Show off your business with your logo in a custom light!
  • Use as signage in a city park or neighborhood.
  • Put your name or address into action.

Original series features.

  • Standard sizes available in 20″, 30″, 42″, or 72″.
    Custom Heights available upon request.
  • The 20″, 30″, and 42″ lights can be installed on a stake
    but a footing is recommended with the 42″ and 72″ models.
  • Every light is hand-made from 3/16″ Milled Steel.
  • GU5.3 Socket for low-voltage MR-11 and MR-16 LED’s.
  • Suggested Lamp – Single Diode LED to create the best shadows.
  • Heavy duty construction to withstand most weather conditions.
  • Powder coating available.
  • Mounting hardware or stake is included.

After dark, the landscape becomes your canvas.

Our custom light towers instantly transform your property into a safe, welcoming experience – an eye-catching design with a purpose. That’s why adding one of our pieces makes such a timeless statement to your landscape.

Use in gardens to highlight plants. A good combination of up-lights, downlights, and tower lights truly bring your landscape to life.




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